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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books
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Keeping your students interested in music!

Has a student ever left your studio because you do not teach jazz, contemporary styles or improvisation?

Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Teacher- Admin area.
Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Student- area.

Has a student ever come to you and said, "Can you help me with my Jazz band piece?"

Are your students well prepared to play in their school's jazz band or perform "gigs" after high-school?

When I was fourteen, I performed gigs in local restaurants. I would setup my keyboard and play for 3 hours in front of complete strangers. It was scary and I learned (the hard way) to stretch my repertoire of twenty songs into a three hour performance.

When I started teaching, I vowed to make it easier for my students to learn improvisation. So, I created JazzKids and wrote my first book First Adventures in Jazz. Many years and books later, technology has changed. High-speed Internet and DVD-players are common place.

In this faster-paced world, I've learned that students like to access information quickly. If you have a question, a common response now is "Google it!"

As teachers it is often difficult for us to cram in every piece of information that a student needs to know within a 30- or 45-minute lesson.

Using the power of video, students can now learn the proven JazzKids step-by-step method via DVD video or over the Internet.

Watch 70 minutes of Jazz Piano Instruction for FREE

This new service, JazzKids Online Learning System (OLS for short), makes your life easier. Why? Because it teaches your students the easy step-by-step JazzKids method via video, freeing up your time to teach other important curriculum.

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You want your students to be well-rounded musicians and be well prepared to continue playing music long into the future. The reality is that your students will someday be presented with a lead sheet and asked to play it and improvise! JazzKids OLS instruction prepares them and gives them confidence.

Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Teacher- Admin area.
Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Student- area.

So, how does it work?
Students can access the videos in one of two ways:

  1. Over the Internet
  2. Via DVD

Each JazzKids book has broken into units and sections. Students jump right to a section and watch the video while following along in their book. They see a clear overhead picture of the keys while I explain each concept slowly in detail.

Can I learn too?
You bet! The system is designed to allow everyone to learn, regardless of past experience. If you have always wanted to learn how to improvise and play jazz and popular styles, JazzKids Online Learning System is right for you. Even if you are an absolute beginner to improvisation!

How do I use this in my studio?
If you signup for the online Internet access, ALL of your students can access the lessons from their home computer or your in-studio lab.

You can also order a DVD which can be played in any DVD player.

Alternatively, you can order both the Internet access and the DVD. Some teachers find it helpful to use the DVD for their in-studio lab and also let students access the videos at home.

How do I know if my students are using the online video?
OLS is programmed with a password-protected administration area that lets you add students, cancel their access and track their usage. Only you can track your students usage. No other teacher or Internet user will be able to see who your students are or when they watch the videos. The system vigorously protects both you and your student's online experience.

What if a student leaves my studio? Can I cancel their access?
Yes, you can cancel a student's access at any time.

Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Teacher- Admin area.
Access the JazzKids OLS DEMO -Student- area.

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