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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

Music helps kids with test scores and creativity.

As parents, we want to see our children have a positive experience in music. We know that music enriches our lives in ways that are indefinable. Learning how to compose and improvise music adds to this enrichment.

Did you know that Beethoven, Mozart and Bach were all prolific improvisers? Your child can also have this skill with JazzKids!

I have been developing jazz materials for the past decade for students as young as six years old. I have had students perform in front of hundreds of people while playing with a professional band for the first time (watch some featured students). I have seen numerous compositions and heard a lot of improvisation from students of all ages. I have witnessed the transformation that takes place in a student when they begin to create their own melodies and songs.

JazzKids is a time-tested method that teaches improvisation and composition through jazz. The method does not replace traditional reading repertoire. Instead, it is added as supplemental material to enhance your child’s learning.

Children should be given the opportunity to express themselves through improvisation and composition. You can give your child that opportunity with JazzKids. Learn more about our products >>

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