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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

JazzKids makes learning fun!

Hello jazz students! JazzKids can help you learn to improvise, no matter your age or experience. There are several resources here on our website. Here is a description of each:

Books For Students: Do you want to learn how to improvise? Well, JazzKids can help! Click this link to see the books that we create and hear some CD samples too.

Featured Students: Hear and see videos (Windows Media Player required) of other JazzKids students performing.

Games: Learn more about music by playing some games. Hey, might as well have some fun, right? This link takes you to the Dallas Symphony website.

Listening Suggestions: Need a jazz CD? Well, check some of my suggestions.

Learn Online!: Have you checked out Well, you can learn different jazz/rock/pop/latin techniques by watching Willie! Cool, eh?

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