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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

Finally, an easy-to-use method for all ages that teaches improvisation to the non-improvisor.

You'll find JazzKids® an easy solution for learning how to improvise over jazz and other styles.

JazzKids has been created for teachers and students with little or no experience improvising. Students can now experience the joy of creating their own improvisations while learning fun songs in different styles. Gone are the days when improvisation was something that an elite few could master.

JazzKids is an easy-to-use method that teaches everyone how to tap into their creative voice.

Does JazzKids replace my reading program? No, you add JazzKids to your lessons. JazzKids is designed to be used in conjunction with your reading program as a supplement. Even five minutes per lesson will begin to yeild incredible results! Download the free JAZZKIDS IN 5 worksheet to get some ideas on how to incorporate JazzKids with five minutes of each lesson.

How Does JazzKids Encourage Improvisaton?

  • Rhythm - rhythm is key to successful improvisation because without an interesting rhythm, your improvisation will sound "flat". JazzKids creates a strong rhythmic foundation by teaching students how to read and vocalize rhythms. This is important because if you can "sing" a rhythm, you can play it. Students will then utilize the rhythms that they have been practicing in their own improvisation and compositions.
  • Ear Training - it is important to really hear music to be able to improvise. The ear training exercises teach students to discern small differences in rhythm and melody which in turn helps them to listen critically while improvising.
  • The Song - the JazzKids pieces are really fun to play. More important, they have been designed to allow a lot of possibility for the student to change what has been written. Often, students learning the JazzKids pieces, will change a note here or there. Sometimes they'll create their own composition or a "spin off" using the piece as a "spring board".
  • Improvisation Exercises - these exercises give students a positive experience in improvisation. A lot of times, when learning to improvise, students are handed a scale and told, "Now improvise." Unfortunately, this works for only a few students. Most of us need further direction and coaching. JazzKids provides this by not only teaching the scales for improvisation, but also by giving written examples and fun play-a-long tracks.

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Download the free JAZZKIDS IN 5 worksheet

JazzKids is divided into four levels. Each level is carefully graded to provide students with a diverse repertoire, ear training, rhythmic vocalizing, theory and of course, improvisation. Students learn to improvise by doing. Written-out examples and the CD helps students learn to tap into their own creativity.

JazzKids Levels:

Book One

$7.95 Book
$14.95 Book+CD
Elementary Level
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Book Two

$7.95 Book
$14.95 Book+CD
Late Elementary Level
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Book Three

$7.95 Book
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Early Intermediate Level
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Book Four

$7.95 Book
$14.95 Book+CD
Intermediate Level
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"I just finished checking out Book 1 and the CD and have to compliment you on it. It is going to be awesome for some of my students-not just from the standpoint of learning jazz or improvisation, but from all the other musical skills that are interwoven. Plus I think they will love the musical result! There's substance in those little pieces!"
-Karen Koch (Music Ed Market)

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